Mediator & Attorney for Children

My primary practice is the representation of children in family law matters.  I also mediate privately and through the Center for Resolution and Justice in Erie County Family Court.

In mediated cases, I do not represent either party.  Instead, my role is to inform the parties of the law and guide them through the process of making their own decisions.  The advantage of mediation is that it is a collaborate approach.  The parties are not competing with each other, but instead are attempting to find their own unique solution that best serves their family. 


Contact Me

I offer a free half-hour consultation for new private mediation clients by appointment either over the phone or in person.  For mediation appointments, I prefer to meet with both parties at the same time.  Please email me at to schedule.  ​

My mediation office is on the edge of the Elmwood Village neighborhood of Buffalo in the historic Chapin Mansion.  Located across from Canisius High School on Delaware Ave. between Cleveland and West Ferry Streets. It has free parking in front and is easily accessible via the NFTA Utica Street rail station and several bus lines.  

1207 Delaware Ave., Suite 203

Buffalo, New York 14209

Tel:  716-731-4800
Fax: 716-332-6163

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